Crisis Response Consultation with Rural Adults

There is a virtual consultation opportunity for all rural adults (see poster attached).

The “Ottawa Guiding Council for Mental Health and Addictions” is interested in consulting with rural adults in Ottawa to gain their insight in a new strategy for improved crisis response in Ottawa. It is extremely important to have rural voices heard in this consultation process!

The consultation will be virtual on November 29th from 6pm-8pm on Zoom. It is open to everyone who lives in rural Ottawa. To register, visit: . Each participant will receive a $50 honorarium.

There is also in-person consultation for rural youth happening on November 23rd in Osgoode (at O-YA) at 6pm. Let me know if you’d like the details for that one as well.

The Membership of the Guiding Council is made up of representation from Ottawa-based community, health and social service networks working to respond to mental health crises; and public institutions that have mandated responsibilities to respond to mental health and substance use crises. These partners include the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Police Services, Ottawa Public Health, Ottawa Paramedic Services, the Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres, The Ottawa Hospital and more.

If you need more information about the consultation, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].