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2022-2023 President’s Message

The Richmond Village Association (RVA) was founded in 2007 by a group of committed local residents as a non-profit, volunteer, community-based organization.

As our community continues to grow, it presents to all of us an opportunity to further build upon Richmond’s deep sense of community and to further foster those important relationships and bonds that make Richmond such a great place to live, work and learn.

This year’s RVA Board of Directors has expanded as a committed and dedicated group of volunteers to continue on with the RVA’s community-building initiatives for all of its residents – for our families, our youth, our seniors, and others in our community.

As we emerge from our post-pandemic experience, it presents the RVA an opportunity to refresh and restart its activities, initiatives, and programs. This year’s Board of Directors is excited to carry on the RVA’s work

Our website offers an overview and information on the RVA. Should you have any questions or would like to become involved in some capacity, please reach out and contact us.

Thank you,
Mark Heckman
President, Richmond Village Association

Our Board

Mark Heckman


Mark has lived in Richmond with his wife and two children since 2007 and recently joined the RVA Board in 2021. Recently, Mark retired from his professional career in public education as an elementary school teacher and school administrator. He looks forward to contributing to build Richmond’s community bonds and relationships as it continues to grow through the RVA’s many activities and programs.

Ryan Pinet


Ryan joined the board in 2018 and spearheaded the Family Fun Day and Xmas Season events. He moved back to Richmond in 2010 where he currently lives with his wife and two young children. Ryan is a partner with a local CPA firm and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the board.

Roland Rotter


Roland and his wife moved to Richmond in 2015 after retiring as an executive from the public service.  He had held positions in several professional societies and organizations as well as being involved as leader in Scouts Canada and coaching soccer.  He has been a member of the RVA board since 2016 and enjoys being part of a dynamic team looking to improve the lives of the residents of Richmond.

Glenn Fisher

Board Member

Richmond became home for Glenn, his wife and their two boys in 2010. He recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and has ventured into entrepreneurship as a local business owner. He joined the RVA in 2021 and is looking forward to supporting the Richmond Village community through current and future board initiatives.

Judy Wagdin

Board Member, Events Lead

Write-up to follow soon.

Lindsay Blenkhorn

Board Member

Lindsay is new to the Richmond Village Association this year. She moved to the village in 2019 and is passionate about making a difference close to home. 

Kristine Quarrington

Board Member

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Jennifer Anne Cook

Board Member

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Jordan Newman

Board Member

Jordan moved to Richmond 4 years ago and joined the RVA in 2019. Jordan is interested in Richmond, maintaining its agricultural roots while being an ideal place to raise a young family. He currently works in Richmond as an Operations Manager for a local engineering company. Jordan lives on a hobby farm with his wife raising chickens and sheep. He and his wife look forward to living in the village, on their farm, for the many years to come.

Sylvain Sauvé

Board Member

A father of 2 children, Sylvain joined the board to help people living with disabilities in Richmond and the surrounding areas become active members of the community.