Sump Pump Remediation Offer – FREE!

Village Resident? Sump pump connected to the sanitary sewer?

Check out this limited time FREE offer + cash compensation 

On behalf of CARDEL Homes the Richmond Village Association (RVA) is reaching out to residents who may have “non-conforming” sump pump installations.  This is a generous offer to have your system brought into conformity at no charge to the homeowner. The RVA has no role or responsibility in the work that will be done. The RVA will act as an intermediary and bring forward the names and contact information of applicants to Cardel for consideration.  Please note: this is a limited opportunity that will be provided on a “first come, first served basis” until the necessary quota of sump pump systems is reached.  Those who participate will sign an agreement with Cardel and their subcontractors to have the necessary work performed. You can read a copy of the agreement you would sign here.

How many sump systems will be remediated? The City has not yet defined the number but more are required at the moment.

Why is this offer being made? As a condition of approval for a subdivision a limited number of non-conforming sump pump systems need to be removed in order to provide sanitary sewer capacity to service the new subdivision.

Is it really necessary? You recall the flooded Jock River this spring? Did you realise the city had to pump raw sewage into the Jock as Richmond’s sewer system overloaded? It is suspected that part of the increased demand on the sewer system comes from non-conforming sump pumps and some from water leaking into the pipes.  So, every litre of water pumped into the system at that time by a non-conforming sump pump added a litre of raw sewage to the Jock!  If your sump pump discharges into the sanitary sewer lines it is non-conforming. It should discharge into a storm sewer or surface storm drain to avoid overloading the sanitary sewer.

How do I sign up? Just fill out the form below and don’t forget to click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. If you are in this wave of applications forwarded to Cardel for consideration you will be notified.  All others will receive an acknowledgement of their interest and may be considered in turn if more systems need to be remediated to meet the requirements for subdivision approval by the City.


Message updated: July 29th, 2017

  1. Our sump pump does run into the sewer system and we have been thinking of changing it.

    • Use the form on the website blog to sign up and if you qualify it will be done for free plus cash back to you … that is a tough offer to pass up!

  2. How do you know if it is or not

    • If you can see the discharge line from you sump pump and it is connected to the sewer pipes in your house then it is non-conforming. If you can’t see where your discharge line goes then it would require inspection by Cardel’s contractors to tell whether it needs remediation or not. If you are unsure there is no harm in putting your name on the list and if you are within the quota of homes to be remediated a pro will check it out. If everything is OK, no harm done, they will move on to the next home in line.

  3. My sewer line passed inspection. Why is it now illegal. Where is the sump supposed to go.

    • Did they inspect your sump pump? The sump pump is supposed to discharge into the storm sewer or a drainage ditch carrying storm water to the Jock. When sump pumps discharge directly into the sanitary sewer they overload the sanitary sewer during storms. At times where the system is at overload the City has no choice but to pump raw sewage into the Jock River. So, the 100’s of litres of water each non-conforming sump pump adds to the sanitary sewer translates into 100’s of litres of raw sewage being pumped into the Jock!

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