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Speeding in Richmond – Safe Streets Petition

As Ottawa City Council considers Photo-Radar a local resident has expressed his concerns about speeding on Perth St. and asked the RVA to consider: … “posting a link to let our councillor know that we would like photo radar to enforce speeding laws, especially down Perth Street where I have personally witnessed speeds exceeding 80 kilometres per hour!”

If you have similar concerns about speeding and want your say, visit and bring your concerns to the attention of Councillor Scott Moffatt!

And while we are at it here is a really interesting twist on Radar used in Portugal that adds social shame to the formula!

Slow down out there ….

  1. I would also like to add Huntley Road as another problem area, the 50km/h zone is being treated as a drag strip at all times of day. Speeds are exceeding 100km/h long before the road becomes an 80km/h zone. I would love to see some police with a speed trap here more often as it is obscene how fast people are going next to a public park.

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