Rebirth Rebranding Underway

The assets of the company known as “Hyde Park Residences Inc.” have been sold with the approval of the Ontario Superior Court.   The buyer, Silver Maple Developments, has taken over management of existing residences and is proceeding with plans to complete the construction of unfinished buildings on the site located just off Nixon Farm Road in Richmond.

Mr. Alan McCafferty, local resident and CEO of the company which now owns the property, stated they are in the early stages of securing and cleaning up the construction site.  This is an important part of the process of discovering what needs to be done before commencing construction.  Mr. McCafferty has taken steps to meet with existing residents of the Hyde Park community to answer questions and open lines of communication on plans going forward.   In the not too distant future there will be a formal “rebranding and launch” of the project.  At present, the goal is to continue cleaning and securing the site with hopes of having the apartment buildings at the back of the property ready for occupancy early in 2016.  Construction of the large concrete structure currently known as Immanuel House will not recommence before the spring of 2016.  More details will be forthcoming as plans are formulated.

Rebirth of this important facility is welcome news for Richmond!