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Planning Application Open For Comment

Silver Maple Developments

Notice of Formal Planning Application

The former Hyde Park project, now under re-development by Silver Maple Developments is preparing to move forward.

The City of Ottawa has received an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning By-law Amendment to amend the Official Plan, Richmond Secondary Plan and Zoning By-law to allow 3 storey residential apartment buildings, 3 and 5 storey 124 unit retirement residence and 205 square metres of commercial uses all on a small private water works. The deadline for comments is August 18th.   If you have any questions or comments you wish the RVA to pass on to the City as part of this proposal please contact the RVA by email:  [email protected] before the deadline.

Documents relating to this proposal may be found on the City’s website at the following links:

The document entitled “Planning Rationale” in the long list of supporting documents on the City website will provide a good overview of what is proposed.  A blueprint snapshot of the proposed site plan is attached below.


  1. Could a portion of the development fees be allocated directly back into the village to support the further developments of bike lane access for the surrounding communities?

    It’s already a huge improvement from decade ago but a lot more could be done: Richmond has always been a destination for road bike enthusiasts and anything else to be added will only help further support our local businesses and community.

    Also, I hope between this move forward and ‘Mattamy development’ further attention is being paid towards have transit service to the village outside of peek commuting hours.

    Lastly and unrelated – why is the village association hosting its annual golf tournament at a Stittsville golf club. As a local business owner I’m willing to support this organization but the mandate and its actions seem conflicted.

    A lot of good work is done through the organization but this takes away a great deal of its credibility.

    • Thanks for your input on development fees. In reply to your question on the Golf Tournament the RVA is part of the Richmond200 group, a broad based group of partners working towards the celebration of Richmond’s bicentennial. As such the group is reaching well beyond the village to include organisations that want to participate in fundraising and support for the coming celebration.

      • From what I understand Centennial Golf Club were quite understanding. I was so happy when they went from 9 holes to 18 and maybe some day they will be in a financial position to have a restaurant that can cater to large groups. I don’t think this was an annual golf tournament but one a member of the community offered to organize for the Richmond 200. As John said, the Richmond Village Association did not organize the event but has helped to promote it for the Richmond 200 planning committee. There was also a golf tournament organized by Scott Moffatt with funds going both to our youth program and the Manotick youth program that was advertised by the RVA.

  2. As someone who makes daily use of Nixon Farm Dr to walk to the bus stop at the corner of Perth and Nixon Farm Dr., I am concerned about the extra traffic that will be driving by me as I walk down the side of Nixon Farm Dr since there is no sidewalk to use. Over the winter it is very dark in the morning and having people walking on the road with all this extra traffic will greatly increase the risk of someone being runover.

    • Thank you for your input … we will raise this issue as part of the comments on the proposal.

  3. What are the plans for the 92 townhouses on the property?

    • So far as we know they are part of Phase 1 which is considered complete. As such they are not part of the current application before the City. We will pose the question to the City in any event as part of our submission.

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