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RVA Makes Major 2018 Contribution

The Richmond Village Association (RVA) is pleased to announce it’s second $2000. contribution to Richmond’s 200th Anniversary celebration fund. Combined with its 2014 deposit the RVA has now contributed a total of $4000. The RVA Board also plans to make similar contributions in 2016 and 2017 leading up to 2018. Richmond’s 200th Anniversary bank

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Rebirth Rebranding Underway

The assets of the company known as “Hyde Park Residences Inc.” have been sold with the approval of the Ontario Superior Court.   The buyer, Silver Maple Developments, has taken over management of existing residences and is proceeding with plans to complete the construction of unfinished buildings on the site located just off Nixon Farm Road

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Richmond Walking Club

The Richmond Village Association (RVA) is pleased to announce it has agreed to assume management of the popular Richmond Walking Club from Ottawa Public Health effective immediately. The RVA is pleased to add this new activity to its roster of community services for the benefit of all

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Ontario Energy Board Report

The Ontario Energy Board filed it’s report to the Minister on August 13, 2015 and concluded that the risks of the proposed pipeline outweigh the benefits for Ontarians.  There are many excellent observations and recommendations in the report that, if acted upon by the National Energy Board,

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