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Richmond200 Celebrations


Richmond’s 200th Birthday Celebration!

We are looking forward to celebrating where we’ve come from, and where we are going. Did you know our village was originally a military settlement established in 1818 as a military post, and that following demobilization, members of the 100th Regiment of Foot were offered land to establish a force-in-being to withstand any future US incursion?

The RVA is proud to be working with all interested organizations in Richmond  as part of a “Unified Planning Committee” to put on a celebration worthy of this milestone!  The RVA itself plans to contribute significant resources to the planning and execution of these bi-centennial celebrations.

The Honour Role

Early supporters of our 200th Anniversary



This event is so important we created a whole separate website for our Bicentennial Celebration.

Head over to to see a complete list of stars & sponsors and a whole lot more.
Just click the link and get on board for 2018!