Oil & Water

Could our private wells or our community survive an oil spill of millions of litres?  Should we be for or against the pipeline?  What do we know about the risks & rewards?  How will we prepare? What say do we have?  How can I get more information or get involved?

Don’t miss this meeting!   This is your opportunity to learn about the Proposed Energy East Oil Pipeline and to provide input to a position paper being prepared by the RVA for submission to the National Energy Board of Canada.  The RVA has been following the pipeline debate closely and has been approved by The National Energy Board as a participant in the hearing approval process.

ECOLOGY Ottawa, a highly respected local environmental organization, is opposed to the pipeline and have agreed to present their thoughts on the pipeline issue at our meeting.  We have already heard from the proponents for the pipeline as well as The Ontario Energy Board.  ECOLOGY Ottawa’s presentation and the ensuing discussion with residents participating at this meeting will help “inform” the position the RVA will take to the National Energy Board.

Our guest speakers, Mr. Mike Fletcher & Mr. Robb Barnes of ECOLOGY Ottawa will cover:

  • Local Issues
  • General Environmental Issues
  • Review & refute some claimed benefits
  • Review the approval process
  • Conduct a Q & A session

Following Ecology Ottawa’s presentation the RVA will outline key messages proposed for inclusion in a position paper to the National Energy Board.

To get an idea of some of the issues take the time to read this breaking news from an expert’s report commissioned by Ecology Ottawa and The Council of Canadians or this Summary of Facts from the expert’s report.

Please come out in support of your community association and help us ensure our collective voice is heard by the National Energy Board.  Your participation counts!

Meeting takes place Nov. 8th, 8:00 PM at the Community Centre, 6095 Perth St.

(p.s. don’t let the US Election keep you home … if there are any meaningful results during the evening we will let you know … results are not likely to solidify before the meeting is over.)