New Medical Facility Announced

A great meeting last evening with in excess of 100 people in attendance! The Richmond Village Association Inc. gratefully acknowledges the work of the team of professionals who are bringing enhanced medical services and a new medical facility to Richmond.  The text which follows is a summary of information presented at the RVA Public Meeting June 7th, 2016. 

To register as a new patient at Richmond Medical Centre, please send an email to “[email protected]“.  You will be provided a Welcome email package, requesting demographic information.  Once that information is received back by email, a meet and greet appointment will be forwarded to you.  In an effort to cut down on phone traffic, all new patients are being registered and booked via email. 



Donna Sarrazin and Lisa Pushee are Medical Consultants with Medical Management Inc. In their roles they work to create new medical environments and improve the functioning of existing medical clinics throughout communities in Eastern Ontario.

They initiated the concept for the Richmond Medical Center project and with the support of the Ministry of Health they have brought together a team of stakeholders who are all working together towards the same goal. A brand new Medical Facility for Richmond and the surrounding area.

Donna and Lisa continue to be the lead for the Richmond Project and tonight introduced the project with the following details.

The Project:

When we talk about a medical facility coming to Richmond, we are talking about an environment that will support family practice physicians as well as medical specialists, a Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Laboratory Services, & Diagnostic Imaging. This project will see the creation of a medical hub that will allow these services to co-exist under one roof. A great foundation for excellent patient care. This is a very large project and overall it will take approximately 18 months to complete.

A little bit about the Medical Clinic and our journey this far:

This project is about community, it was inspired by the dedication of a man and a woman who have had such incredible commitment to this community that they have continued to practice medicine here well after anyone would have expected them to. The dedication that the Rabb’s have shown has set a bar that will inevitably be a challenge to meet.

In 2015 we identified to the MOH an interest in pulling together a project that bring medical services to the community of Richmond. The MOH was aware of this community and its needs and was very supportive of the creation of a project here.  Together we worked to recruit physicians that would bring a variety of experiences and interests to the project. As a result of those efforts we have 8 family physicians committed to the project and continue to have room for 2 additional family physicians to join later.

Upon hearing about our project, Dr Rod and Lucy Rabb graciously invited us, along with the new physician group, into their medical space. This allowed physicians to start practicing in this community now instead of waiting until the new clinic opening in fall 2017. Physicians are able to accept new patients while providing support to Dr. Rod and Lucy Rabb as they move towards their retirement.

3 of the 8 new physicians are presently practicing here in Richmond. The feedback from these physicians has been that the new patients have been very friendly and welcoming and that the physicians are feeling that they are not just a part of a project but that they are becoming a welcomed part of a community.

Over the next 5 months you will see the additional physicians start their practices in the temporary facility. I have no doubt that they will have very similar feedback to share about the Richmond and surrounding area patients.

When our full complement of 8 physicians are all practicing here we will be able to offer Clinic hours Monday – Thursday 830am – 8pm, Friday 830am – 430pm and Saturdays 9 – noon.  The clinic will not be a walk in facility however it will accommodate walk in appointments in the evenings and weekends for patients that are attached to the clinic. We are starting to integrate evening hours now and hope to have that in full operation by the end of the summer early fall.

In addition to this, the physicians will work in a cross coverage model. What this will mean is that if your physician is away from clinic, and you require an urgent appointment, another physician will see you in their absence.

We are aware there have been challenges and we anticipate some continued struggles as we attempt to combine all of this in to a very tiny temporary space, we are very proud of the staff, physicians, and patients, and their ability to be work with us to, navigate through our growing pains.

The Rabb’s have practiced medicine in Richmond for decades and their practice is based primarily of adult patients. The Richmond Medical project is fortunate to be bringing family practice physicians that have completed additional education in pediatrics, obstetrics, women’s health, sports medicine etc. As a result, the staff are learning new processes around booking and planning for entirely new patient populations with very different needs.

As we move forward I would ask that you be patient with us.  While the current IT/Telephones/Equipment & Processes have served the current clinic well, the growth of the new physicians and the demand of added patients has pushed these resources to a max. We are constantly assessing, upgrading and where possible, changing these resources in order to provide better outcomes. We are a guest in this facility and we appreciate their generosity. This will continue to be a work in progress.

Please remember that everyone involved in this project wants to reach the same goals – to bring Richmond an amazing medical facility to serve this great community. If we work together we will achieve these goals.


The People Behind the Project:


The Builder:   Kim Pjilseman, is the owner of Cedarstone Homes Limited.  He has been building in Richmond since 1989, and has developed much of the communities of Kings Grant and Richmond Oaks. Kim has an interest in making Richmond succeed with balanced progressive development that meets the needs of the Village. He is looking forward to contributing to the Richmond Medical facility with an overall vision of creating a “Wellness” center which will fulfill a need in the community as we grow..

The Architect:  Vincent Colizza is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.Vincent P. Colizza Architects was established in 1994. The firm serves the Institutional and Commercial sectors and have successfully completed a variety of Federal, Provincial and Municipal Buildings as well as buildings in the retail, office, and residential sectors. Currently the firm is involved in the Rideau Centre expansion and a number of mid to high rise residential buildings in Westboro and Sandy Hill. The firm has successfully completed the Almonte General Hospital Expansion and the Fairview Manor Long Term Care Center and has received a number of design awards. Mr. Colizza currently chairs the Urban Design Review Panel for the City of Hamilton

The Pharmacy:  Karim Merani, Graduated in 2009 with a Masters of Pharmacy. Karim worked and trained in Toronto for several years before moving back to Ottawa in 2013 to partner with the family business.  Currently Karim is partnered with his father, Esmail Merani, and own 4 IDA locations in the Ottawa area, including: Carleton Place IDA, Richmond IDA, Stittsville IDA Compounding Pharmacy, and Greenbank-Huntclub IDA.  Karim recently served 2 years as the President of the Association of Compounding Pharmacies of Canada, and he continues to sit on the Board of the Association. Karim is a member of the Stittsville Lions Club, as well as an organizer and committee member for OCPhA Charity Golf Tournament.

Biotest Laboratories:  Denis Pototsky is the owner of Canadian Medical Alliance. CMA offers Diagnostic Imaging services from 19 fixed locations in the Ottawa area. They complete routine Diagnostic Imaging Services as well as specialty services such as: Nuclear, Vascular, Echo, OBSP, & Cardiology. CMA is the only facility offering portable x-ray at 45 locations and generating 3000 tests per year.  CMA currently has 12 Radiologists with 5 reading results on site every day and Radiologists are available for consults.

Canadian Medical Alliance:  Asif Malik is owner of Biotest Industries. Bio-Test Laboratories is the only locally owned and operated medical lab in the Greater Ottawa Area. They have been in business for more than 45 years.  All processing and testing is done here locally, at their main lab in Bells Corners. They have collection centres from East Orleans to Carp, downtown, and soon Richmond! Presently Biotest is able offer limited services and hours in the temporary Richmond facility. They will extend their hours and coverage once we move to the new location.

The Physicians: 

♦  Dr. Neera Aggarwal

Dr. Neera Aggarwal

Born and raised in India, Dr. Neera Aggarwal practiced medicine in India for 14years before moving to Canada in 2008. She further completed family medicine training with the University of Ottawa and graduate in 2011. Dr. Aggarwal started with Richmond Medical Center in the temporary environment in January of this year. Dr. Aggarwal brought a patient group with her and also accepted some community patients over the last few months, which has resulted in her practice already being full.  Unfortunately, Dr. Aggarwal is unable to join us here tonight as she is out of the country. She asked us to thank the community on her behalf for how warmly she has been received and she is looking forward to being a part of the project for years to come.

♦  Dr. Elaine Riddick

Dr. Elaine Riddick

Dr. Elaine Riddick was born in Belfast and lived in Scotland and England as a child. She completed her medical degree in Liverpool before moving to Ottawa to study Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Riddick delivered many Ottawa babies. She switched to family practice when her family was young. Dr. Riddick has an interest in women’s health and seniors.  Dr. Riddick had planned to be here tonight to further introduce herself and her focus to the community however she ran late with her Westport patients tonight and will not be able to make it after all.  She asked us to mention that she has enjoyed her first few weeks in Richmond and looks forward to meeting the rest of her patients.

♦  Dr. Jeanette Belanger BSc. MD CCFP

Dr. Jeannette Belanger

Born in Ireland, Dr. Jeanette Belanger has called Ottawa home since she was very young. She completed her Family Medicine residency in 2006. Dr. Belanger practiced as an Emergency Physician at CHEO and at the same time practiced family medicine in Nepean until she moved to South Africa with her family in 2013. During her time in Africa she worked with the US Peace Corps and has been teaching medicine at a local Africa Hospital. Dr. Belanger will return from Africa and will start in the temporary clinic at the end of June.



♦  Dr. Alison Pittman

Dr. Alison Pittman

 Dr. Alison Pittman is originally from Gander Newfoundland. She has an honors degree in Biochemistry and completed her family medicine residency this spring here in Ottawa. Dr. Pittman enjoys the unique challenges offered by Family medicine and is interested in seeing all types of patients from babies to elderly. Dr. Pittman will start in the temporary clinic in July.


♦  Dr. Lindsay Partridge, HBSc. Kin, MD, CCFP
 Dr. Lindsay Partridge obtained an honors degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Exercise Physiology before completing her residency in family practice in London Ontario in 2011. She has spent the last 4 years working in rural and Northern communities covering ER, hospitalist and office based medicine. Dr. Partridge has an interest in Sports medicine, pediatrics, and women’s health. She started in the temporary clinic in April and continues to see new patients.



♦  Dr. Heather McGee
Dr. McGee

Dr. Heather McGee grew up in Barrhaven and completed her Family Medicine Education and Residency with the University of Ottawa along with her fellowship in Enhanced Maternity. Dr. McGee has worked in the Ottawa area covering family practice clinics and is also a member of the Obstretrics group at the QCH. Dr. McGee opened her Obstetrical practice in the temporary clinic in earlier this month and will slowly start to take on some family practice patients with a true start in September.



♦ Dr. Lee Reichman, MDMC, CCFP

DrReichmanFrom Montreal, Dr. Lee Reichman completed medical school at McGill university and her Family Practice residency here in Ottawa. She further completed extra training with McGill in the Maternal and Child care enhanced skills program. Dr. Reichman has an interest in all aspects of family medicine. She will begin her Obstetrics practice in the temporary clinic later this month and will begin to take on some family practice patients over the summer with increased availability in September.


To register as a new patient at Richmond Medical Centre, please send an email to “[email protected]“.  You will be provided a Welcome email package, requesting demographic information.  Once that information is received back by email, a meet and greet appointment will be forwarded to you.  In an effort to cut down on phone traffic, all new patients are being registered and booked via email. 

We have 1 additional physician that we are finalizing contracts with at the present time and hope to release their information and interests in the coming weeks/months. We will be bringing on additional physicians and specialists based on need once we occupy the new space.


  1. So excited to hear of a new Medical Centre in the works. So nice that we will be able to have Lab work done here, instead of having to leave town.

    Bio’s on our new Drs. add to the excitement of this project.

    Will miss Rod and Lucy terribly. Wish they could have given us a few more years, but appreciate all they have given us and wish them all the best and a very happy retirement.

  2. This is great! Im excited to have all medical centres in one spot. I feel very lucky as I have only just moved to richmond this year.
    Looking forward to this

  3. Has a location been decided yet?

    • Yes, the facility will occupy the vacant lots across the road from the Fire Hall on the corner of Perth and Rochelle. Cedarstone Homes have a trailer on the lot at the moment.

  4. So glad that we will soon have a new medical facility here in Richmond. Certainly hope it will be handicap accessible

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