New Clinic – an important opportunity to support it!

Your comments by August 8th will help make the new medical clinic a reality!

The City has opened it’s official comment period for a Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendment required to enable the development of a new medical facility for Richmond.  The facility will be located at the corner of Perth and Rochelle.  Public comment is important.   To date, the RVA has received nothing but positive comments about the proposed development.  Sending your comments directly to Natalie Persaud, the City of Ottawa lead for the two amendments, will speed consideration by the City.  Clicking this link will take you to the City of Ottawa page for this development where you may access all the supporting documents for the two amendments as well as a link to Natalie Persaud and the comment sheet found under each of the two application numbers.  You can then complete your comments electronically.

If you would like the RVA to pass your comments on as part of our submission please feel free to comment on this post.

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  1. We need this a great deal. It will add to our community and will be a pleasure to use the resources.

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