Medical Centre – growing pains

Medical Centre Community Update:

The group leading the development of the new medical centre for Richmond have asked the RVA to assist in posting the following information for patients:


We would like to update you all on the Richmond Medical Clinic project, steps, and challenges.

The Richmond Village and surrounding communities have been identified by the Ministry of Health as a high needs area for medical coverage for many years. As a result of this we have started the path of creating a new Medical Center. Drs. Rod and Lucy Rabb have been, and continue to be, huge supporters of these communities and as a result opened their facility to allow new physicians to start providing services while we await completion of the new building. These new physicians filled their practices (limited in size due to space restraints in the current space) in record time.  The physicians will all be able to reopen and expand their practices in the new building and as a result we have been creating a wait list.

Recently, Dr. Rod Rabb unexpectedly needed to progress to an earlier than planned retirement. Our existing physicians have been doing their best to try to provide coverage for the 2000 Rabb patients while we attempt to recruit additional physicians to provide longer term solutions.  Our priority at this time is to secure physicians for the Rabbs’ patients. Because of the challenges with space, it has been hard for us to find physicians who are able to work with us during this interim period.  We have brought an amazing group of physicians to the community to date however our latest recruits have decided, for personal reasons, that they would be a better fit elsewhere.  This, unfortunately, has resulted in the cancellation of many patient first visits and caused further booking delays. We sincerely regret the inconvenience and confusion this has caused. 

If you have previously seen Dr. Adams or Dr. Miller or are currently booked for an upcoming “First Visit” with either of these physicians, you will be contacted for next steps. In the interim you can continue to call the clinic at 613-838-1223 for your urgent medical needs while we work on a more permanent solution.

For those of you who are Drs. Lucy or Rod Rabb patients and have not been assigned a new physician, we are committed to placing you with a doctor.  Drs. Lucy and Rod Rabb continue to work with us to recruit physicians to provide short term and long term coverage.  The placement of your care to a new doctor will take longer than anticipated, but we are working very hard to ensure that you will continue to have access to medical care.

For community patients looking for a new family doctor:  our physicians are at capacity at this time.  They have created wait lists and we will advise you when we can begin booking these appointments.  A new facility will bring more space and room for them to grow their practices and for us to add even more physicians.

You have likely felt some pain, either through busy phone lines, delayed appointments or being put on the wait list.  We hope that you understand that these are growing pains and that our end goal remains the same:  we are all working to set up a new facility with more rooms for our physicians and more staff and that will enable us to serve you better. We continue to ask you for your support and patience during this time of transition.  Drs. Lucy and Rod Rabb, the new physician group and our staff all remain committed to providing excellent health care to our patients and the community of Richmond.

Lisa Pushee
Medical Consultant

  1. Perhaps you should explore the possibility of adding a Physician Assistant to the team once space permits. You may be able to apply for funding with MOHLTC.

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