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Introducing Robert Wein

Introducing Robert Wein

The man who started the Brain Injury Awareness Walk

Justyna Lawrence – May 16, 2017

Acquired Brain Injury Facts:

Did you know that TBI (traumatic brain injury) is more common than breast cancer, spinal cord injury, HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis, COMBINED? In the province of Ontario, where there are two million people diagnosed with a neurological condition, 500,000 people have an Acquired Brain Injury as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury and multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries. In a classroom of 40 people that would mean 10 people affected.

The Walk for Brain Injury Awareness

Nearly seven years ago Robert Wein had completed a triathlon, was in the Rideau Lakes ride, which is riding your bicycle from Ottawa to Kingston and back, in one weekend. He was a member of the Soldiers of Fitness program, a fitness program that he’d been attending 3 days a week, from 5:30 to 7:00 in the morning. running triathlons and working in a high level government job. Then he and four friends riding bikes were hit by a mini van. He was the most injured with major physical trauma …. but also a brain injury. Not only could he not do the things he used to do, he was no longer the same person. He went through months of gruelling physical therapy and retraining to learn to remember how to coordinate his body and regain memory skills (picture above) and he hit bottom.

His decision to do a walk to raise awareness about brain injuries helped bring him back to life. “Even though I could not do what I used to, I wanted people to know I am here, and I can help”. In the first year he managed to raise $924 which he says “wasn’t overly successful fundraising-wise” but by the fifth year, over 200 people attended, and it raised in excess of $15,000! There has been more in the news about brain injuries, often discussed now as concussions, and the damaging effects of them. Much can be done to prevent them and in situations where the damage is done, help people live productive lives.

King’s Independent Grocer has been a major sponsor for Robert (main picture). This year, the 6th Annual Brain Injury Awareness walk, will take place at Britannia Beach starting at the Ron Kolbus Centre, June 24th. There are 1, 2 and 5 km races to enter and there will people of many levels of physical ability. Anyone registering before June 3 will be eligible for a race T-shirt. Even if you don’t want to walk you can make a pledge.

The walk is a Celebration of success, empowerment, as well as a fundraiser for Pathways Community Access Fund, which provides “the little bit extra” to those who would like to participate in community events and activities, but are unable to due to finances. The Pathways community Access Fund is accessible to anyone with disabilities. People are welcome to come out on race date and hear the inspirational stories at 9:00 a.m., cheer on the racers starting at 10:00, and then be part of the lunch at 12:00.

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  1. Robert is truly an inspiring individual and has a wicked sense of humor.

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