The Richmond Village Association (RVA) is continuously looking for residents of Richmond to volunteer with the many activities pertaining to the promotion & development of community involvement within the Village of Richmond.

Types of Activities

The following are some of the ongoing activities the RVA is currently involved with and needs volunteers for:

  • Richmond Youth Activities
  • Richmond Seniors Activities
  • Community Promotion
  • RVA Website Development
  • Richmond Fair Parade
  • Richmond Santa Claus Parade
  • Richmond Family Fun Day
  • Village Garage Sale
  • Community Clean-up
  • Village Development
  • Special Events
  • Membership
  • Fund Raising
  • Online Directory
  • 2018 Celebrations

or, if there is some specific activity you feel the RVA should take on and you would be willing to volunteer to make it happen, we welcome your input in your email to us.

Why Volunteer?

There are numerous reasons for volunteering some of your time to assist the RVA with its various activities, some of which are:

  • To help us build upon the strength and proud history of our community;
  • To have some fun—make new friends—develop new skills;
  • To represent the varied interests of residents of the village of Richmond to government bodies;
  • To provide strong advocacy on issues related to new planned development and environmental impacts;
  • To promote local business and services to residents;
  • To maintain a focus on youth, seniors and family oriented initiatives and activities;
  • To promote the beautification of Richmond;
  • To provide a focal point for citizen involvement at the community level;
  • To promote the community as a great place to live and work;
  • To celebrate and promote Richmond’s proud History.

How To Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the button below to submit your contact info and to provide us with an indication of which areas you may be interested in being involved with.