Volunteer of the Year Award

Thank You !!!

The Richmond Village Association recognizes that our volunteers are a vital component to our community events, the development of our community and the overall well-being of the Village of Richmond. As such, we would like to formally recognize a volunteer for their dedicated service each year. The recipient would be recognized at our Annual General Meeting held on the first Tuesday of every February. The winner of the 2015 award will be recognized for their efforts during 2015 but will receive their award in February 2016.

The Richmond Village Association Volunteer of the Year Award celebrates community members who devote significant time and energy to the RVA and its initiatives and making our community an incredible place to live. If you know of someone deserving of such recognition, please contact us at [email protected] by January 1, 2017.

Please note: Directors of the Board are exempt from the award.



Liana Medynski and RVA Director Kim Bruton

Your 2015 Recipient: Liana Bourne-Medynski

Liana’s leadership within the Richmond Residents for Community Space initiative established a new youth drop-in program for Richmond area youth. The smiles on the faces of all the youth participating say more than words may express here. Congratulations and thank you Liana for a job well done!




Kristine Quarrington & RVA President Tino Bevacqua


Your 2016 Recipient:  Kristine Quarrington

Without Kristine’s leadership and tireless volunteer effort Richmond would be a poorer place! The Santa Claus Parade, the Children’s Winter Banner Contest, the lighting of the park, the Richmond Village Clean up, the Village Wide Garage Sale, Richmond Days and a number of other activities have Kristine’s fingerprints all over them.  Congratulations and thank you Kristine for a job well done!


Your 2017 Recipients (Posthumous Awards):  Carole Ann Connolly-Metcalfe and Sarah Murray-McKay

This year the Board was unanimous in selecting two ladies who absolutely epitomise what volunteering is all about.  The RVA is honored but at the same time saddened to present both awards posthumously.  

Carole Ann Connolly was elected to the RVA Board in February 2016 and immediately made a real impact. She took charge of all the programs and events delivered by the RVA.  Her dedication, energy and enthusiasm were infectious and an inspiration to all.  

Sarah McKay worked tirelessly for several years as a volunteer for the RVA and was a driving force behind the Youth Programs in Richmond.  Many youth came to know Sarah as the one who ran the Friday night youth drop-in at the Community center.  Sarah also supported the RVA  financially and assisted the RVA in moving issues forward through her quiet but strong determination.