Advocacy is an important function the Richmond Village Association undertakes on behalf of the village and the Association membership.  As every resident of the village as well as every business owner, business manager or property owner is a member of the Association this is a function that can provide an effective voice for everyone on broad issues of concern to the majority.

When important issues are identified the RVA will consider the issue, consult within the community and advocate on behalf of members with the City or other levels of government to present the issue and seek a satisfactory resolution.  You will see in the pages on this site that your Association has been very active on issues involving the Community Design Plan, proposed Residential Development, the Emerald Ash Borer and the proposed Energy East Oil Pipeline.  The Advocacy function is also present in our efforts with the City and partners such as ROSSS and the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre to provide more services such as the Gateway to Groceries Service and the Youth Drop In Centre.  If you read our Strategic Plan you will note as well our goal of   establishing a “Community Resource Centre” and recognizing Richmond’s “200th anniversary”.  In addition to raising funds at the local level, these initiatives will take a considerable and focused effort to advocate for appropriate funding shares from City, Provincial and Federal funding sources.

The above constitute some of the more visible items we are working on.  In addition, there are a host of less visible issues involving basic infrastructure, services and safety that are pursued from time to time.  If you would like a challenge and want to work with us advocating for the benefit of Richmond, contact us …. helping hands are always welcome!