The Richmond Village Association (RVA) is a non-profit organization established in 1997 as a way of representing the interests of Richmond residents and attempts to fulfill two broad roles within the community:

1.)  Amalgamated within the City of Ottawa, one important task of the RVA is to be proactive on issues concerning Richmond residents, to form opinions, reach a consensus and present a viewpoint to various levels of government where the interests of Richmond residents may be affected.  This is our “advocacy” role.

2.) Together, we strive to make your community a better place to work and live!  In this regard,  the RVA is involved in numerous community endeavors, promoting Village pride and identity. The appeal of Richmond is evident to all who live here and to those just passing through. Richmond is a rural community with a rich history whose residents take pride in what their town has to offer, and it is important that a town reflect that pride.


Are you interested in helping with an RVA project?  Do you have a project you would like to drive to success with the aid of the RVA?  We are only as strong as our volunteers!  Without them, none of our programs would happen.  Please contact us and consider the rewards of doing something great in your community.

To offer financial support please check out Sponsorship opportunities or to volunteer your skills and time refer to “Getting Involved”

The RVA is always actively seeking volunteers to help with the activities hosted by the RVA:

  • Youth Drop -in Centre
  • Year 200 Celebrations
  • Gateway to Groceries
  • Seniors programs
  • Cleanup Richmond Day (In conjunction with the City of Ottawa’s Spring Clean the Capital campaign)
  • Cleanup Richmond Day Poster contest (Open to grade school students from within the Village)
  • Richmond Beautification
  • Richmond Family Fun Days
  • Richmond Garage Sale
  • Richmond Garden Contest
  • Source Water Protection
  • Working towards the Controlled Development of Richmond
  • Winter Banner Contest
  • Lighting of the Park
  • Christmas Parade
  • Information Flyers
  • Richmond Web Site