Who We Are – 2021

Welcome to the Richmond Village Association

The RVA is more than a small community of volunteers working for the betterment of the Village of Richmond. Every resident, business owner/manager and property owner in Richmond is a member of the RVA! There is no membership fee: – the generosity of volunteers, business sponsors, donors and advertisers combined with funds raised through events sustain our activities.

Our mission is to work with residents, local organizations, businesses and various levels of government to support and develop our community with programs for all residents. We strive to be proactive on issues concerning Richmond residents; to form opinions, reach a consensus and then present a particular viewpoint to necessary levels of government where the interests of Richmond residents may be affected.

We are involved in numerous community projects and events, as well as promoting village pride and identity. The appeal of our community is evident to all who live here. We are an incorporated association with an elected Board. We actively seek the input and involvement of all who comprise the community of Richmond and can always use more volunteers to better our community.

Check our Home Page for the time and place of our next General Meeting. All residents are welcome to attend RVA general meetings.

If you would like to be reminded of meetings or wish to be contacted when key issues are identified please sign up for RVA email alerts. If you wish to place an item on the agenda, want to become involved in any of our activities or wish to offer a comment, please contact us here.
We welcome your input and involvement. Your Board of Directors endeavours to serve the interests of members at large.
Meet your 2021 Richmond Village Association Board

Ryan Pinet, President
Ryan joined the board in 2018 and spearheaded the Family Fun Day and Xmas Season events. He moved back to Richmond in 2010 where he currently lives with his wife and two young children. Ryan is a partner with a local CPA firm and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the board.
Jordan Newman, Vice President
Jordan moved to Richmond 4 years ago and joined the RVA in 2019. Jordan is interested in Richmond maintaining its agricultural roots while being an ideal place to raise a young family. He currently works in Richmond as an Operations Manager for a local engineering company. Jordan lives on a hobby farm with his wife raising chickens and sheep. He and his wife look forward to living in the village, on their farm, for the many years to come.
Roland Rotter, Secretary
Newly retired and a new resident in Richmond, Roland would like to use his skills and abilities developed over the years as a manager in the federal public service, board member on several professional associations and involvement in several youth organizations and activities to work for the Richmond community.
Sylvain Sauvé, Programming Lead
A father of 2 children, Sylvain joined the board to help people living with disabilities in Richmond and the surrounding areas become active members of the community.
Judi Wagdin, Events Lead
Write-up to follow soon.
Glenn Fisher, Director
Richmond became home for Glenn, his wife and their two boys in 2010. He recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and has ventured into entrepreneurship as a local business owner. He joined the RVA in 2021 and is looking forward to supporting the Richmond Village community through current and future board initiatives.