About the RVA

rva-info-sheet-web-headerEstablished in 1997, the Richmond Village Association (RVA) is a non-profit organization created to represent the interest of Richmond residents. Since amalgamation into the City of Ottawa in 2001, the RVA’s role has included that of an advocate where we take a proactive approach on issues concerning Richmond Residents.  We help to form opinions on village issues through town hall meetings, reach a consensus among residents, and then represent the particular viewpoint to various levels of government where the interests of Richmond residents may be affected.

But there is a fun side too! Over the years, the RVA has done its part to give Richmond its quaint appeal by putting up flowers and flags along the main streets, and by planting trees in the Jock River Park.

One of our proud accomplishments is the Richmond Heritage Mural Gallery. This Gallery was a Millennium project that began in 2000 under the vision and direction of past president Ted Brown.  There are 7 murals depicting life in Richmond from the clearing of the land for what would soon become the village of Richmond, to most recent mural depicting the volunteers and vetrans of the past two world wars.  They can be seen on the both the eastern and western walls of the Richmond Memorial Community Centre and at this link.  This project would not have been possible without the support of our local artistic community.

The RVA is always looking for new members to help with the fun.  Contact us, we would love to see you involved in helping Richmond grow as a community.  Come out and have some fun!  Contact us!

Community Events & Activities Delivered by the RVA
(Thanks to the generous support of our Volunteers and Sponsors)


    • Youth Drop-In Center
      with Richmond Residents for Community Space and WORC

    • Gateway to Groceries
      in partnership with ROSSS (Rural Ottawa South Support Services)

    • Preparations for 2018 Celebrations
      as a member of the Unified Planning Committee with partner organizations throughout Richmond

    • Richmond Spring Clean-up

    • Village-Wide Garage Sale

    • Richmond Family Fun Day

    • Richmond Fair Parade Float Entry

    • RVA Volunteer of the Year

    • RVA Student Awards

    • Commemorative Murals
      on the Richmond Community Centre

    • Winter Wonderland Banners
      – Banner Sponsors
      – Painting Day
      – Reveal at the Lighting of the Park Ceremony

    • Santa Claus Parade
      Coordination of the entire parade from floats, to horses, to security, to making sure Santa has us booked on his calendar.

    • Lighting of the Park
      – Lighting of the trees with Christmas Lights
      – Winter Banners reveal

    • Municipal/Rural / Political Affairs (Advocacy)
      – Water Source Protection
      – Western Development Lands
      – Community Design Plan
      – Crude Oil Pipeline
      – Emerald Ash Borer

    • Fundraising Committee
      – Directory Advertising
      – Sponsorship

    • Communications
      – Website
      – Quarterly Flyers
      – Facebook Page
      – Twitter Account