Feb. 19, 2020 – RVA Annual General Meeting

The Richmond Village Association invites everybody to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association. It takes place on Wednesday, February 19th at the Richmond Community Centre (upstairs over the arena) with doors opening at 7:30 pm for coffee with the meeting beginning at 8:00 pm.

Ryan Pinet, President of the RVA, encourages community members to attend. As shareholders in the community, this is a great opportunity for residents to get involved and help shape our community.

There are lots of AGMs this time of year for corporations of all types. They are notorious for being poorly attended. “Shareholders”, in this case, residents of the Richmond community, are often under the mistaken belief that their contribution wouldn’t change or add anything anyway. They may also believe that the existing Board is doing a great job and there is no need to be involved in decisions taken at the AGM. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In the case of the RVA the entire Board retires at this meeting and a new Board must be elected by the “shareholders” from those persons who are nominated or stand for election. This is essential under the current bylaws of the RVA.

The presence and contribution of the RVA within the community has grown tremendously over past years thanks to the generous support of volunteers and sponsors from the business community.  Community input and involvement is needed more than ever before.

The Gateway to Groceries program, a partnership with Rural Ottawa South Support Services, the Youth Drop-In Centre and the Richmond Walking Club all rely on volunteers and funding managed by the Board. Advocacy on behalf of the community, ownership and maintenance of the Heritage Mural Gallery on the arena walls, Richmond’s Great Garage Sale, the annual village clean up, children’s winter banners, lighting of the park and the Santa Claus parade wouldn’t happen without RVA volunteers, a Board managing the funds and other corporate responsibilities.

At the upcoming meeting you are encouraged to review our work and elect a new Board of Directors to guide the Association. Interested candidates are invited to attend and run for a position on the next Board. This is also your opportunity to learn how you can make a difference as a volunteer. You don’t have to join the Board to be involved! Volunteers are needed across the full spectrum of activities we support. Volunteering can be a very rewarding way to meet new people and give something back to the community at the same time.

So, come find out how you and your family can participate. Ask lots of questions and if you feel like volunteering and putting your stamp on the community, you can be sure you will be warmly welcomed.

  1. You are all doing an amazing job. The question I have is when is our annual garage sale . Is it on May 2 or May 9th this year, or have you decided yet.

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