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Boom Box (800 × 300 px)
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Boom Box Fitness

New Fitness Studio in Richmond!

We are new to Richmond and opened our fitness studio/gym, Boom Box Fitness, in June of 2022.  We are the first fitness studio in Richmond located on McBean Street in what used to be the original grocery store, then hardware store and most recently a hair salon.

We are a Son and Mother fitness studio that offers Personal Training and small Group classes.  Our classes provide a unique experience using all free weight equipment such as Bar Bells, Dumbbells and Kettlebells.

We offer a wide variety of classes including Metabolic Conditioning (HIIT), Strength and Cross Training.  We also have classes for 60+ and provide Mobility and Stretching throughout the week.

Our studio offers a bright and inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome regardless of fitness level.


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3480 McBean Street, Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0, Canada
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K0A 2Z0
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