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Speeding … how bad is it?

Did you ever wonder how bad the speeding is on Perth Street?  What percentage of drivers do think exceed the speed limit? … 10%, 20% 30% …..70%, 80%, 90% or even more?  What do you think the top speeds might be?  Read the data below captured by

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Aggressive Driving

Keep our streets safe! A local resident concerned about aggressive driving has asked that we post the following information received from Mr. David Brown, an official in Scott Moffatt’s office, regarding photo radar and the process to follow if you are concerned about aggressive drivers using our

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Speeding in Richmond – Safe Streets Petition

As Ottawa City Council considers Photo-Radar a local resident has expressed his concerns about speeding on Perth St. and asked the RVA to consider: … “posting a link to let our councillor know that we would like photo radar to enforce speeding laws, especially down Perth Street

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