2019 Parade Entry

Christmas is on its way and so is the annual Richmond Santa Claus Parade!

Santa Claus and the Richmond Village Association invite you to participate in the 2019 Santa Claus Parade on Saturday Dec. 7th.

The Richmond winter festivities have been an annual tradition for all the families in Richmond. Children and adults alike delight in the excitement of the upcoming season. Take the opportunity to showcase your business, organization, school or community group and support your community.

To register your float, please fill out our

Richmond Santa Claus Parade Entry Form



Here are some helpful tips to make your parade day a success!


  • Lighting of the park starts at 4:30 – new banners unveiled and lights turned on
  • Parade at 5:30 – starts at South Carleton and finishes at the arena
  • Free chili/soup dinner upstairs at the arena – Everyone welcome to come in and get warm while sharing a meal with friends. 🙂

Arrival (no later than 4:45 pm please):

  • Arrive early enough to allow for set up as it ALWAYS takes longer than you think to set up when it’s cold outside.
  • Make sure your float riders/walkers know what your float looks like so that they can find you.
  • Make sure small children are bundled appropriately for the weather – If they aren’t moving, they aren’t generating heat.
  • If your walkers are wearing costumes, (and we LOVE to see costumes) make sure that they can see adequately if it covers any of their facial area.

Checking In & Parking:

  • Check in with the Volunteer at South Carleton High School
  • Float drivers will be given a number that corresponds with painted numbers on the side of the school wall, and you will be told to park on the left or right side of the staging area at that number.
  • Float drivers are to pull your floats up to the number, and begin the finishing touches on your float at this time.
  • Parade participants (Float riders/walkers) may park their personal vehicles in the small parking area to the west of the check in point.

Ready! Set! Let’s GO!

  • During the parade, please keep no more than TWO car lengths between your float and the one in front of you. For ease, lets go with 25 ft.
  • This gives you the opportunity to keep pace with the parade as well as keeping the line of floats tight and continuous.
  • If you have candy for the children…


There is a City of Ottawa bylaw preventing anyone 
from throwing anything from a float!

Please hand out candy directly to children so they aren’t tempted to run out into the street to grab at the fallen goodies. The parade is for the children… lets keep them safe.

Lighting of the park, unveiling of the Children’s Winter Banners that will grace our streets and a visit from the “Big Guy” will occur at the Park on the corner of McBean & Perth at 4:30pm to be followed by the parade at 5:30 and free Chili at 6:00 at the Arena Community Centre.